Bio-logic Systems Corp. AuDX

bio-logic systems corp audxAuDX is the ideal choice for implementing a universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) program. This small, rechargeable battery-operated unit is the most portable OAE system available today. Operation of the system is simple. It's easy to learn, easy to use and easy to maintain. Start a test by pressing a few buttons. AuDX does the rest. Helpful messages on the built-in display guide the operator to ensure a good probe fit. Tests are stored in memory for review on the display or printing to the Bio-logic label printer connected directly to the AuDX. No computer is required for testing or printing the results. Using distortion product otoacoustic emissions technology, AuDX is a highly sensitive tool for detecting cochlear hearing loss. Testing is fast - as brief as fifteen seconds per ear under optimal conditions. Disposable costs are low, especially when compared to other screening technologies such as automated ABR.

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Bio-logic Systems Corp. AuDX Pro

bio-logic systems corp audx proFor programs requiring more flexibility, AuDX Pro offers test protocol programmability, memory for 50 tests, and additional upgrade opportunities. AuDX Pro options include the easy-to-use Protocol Setup software that can be installed on your computer using the Windows environment. The AuDX Protocol Setup software allows you to create DPOAE or TEOAE test protocols and download a protocol of choice into AuDX. This makes AuDX Pro appropriate for other purposes such as diagnostic OAE tests or serial monitoring of patients on ototoxic medications.


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Grason-Stadler AUDIOscreener+

gsi audioscreenerThe GSI AUDIOscreener+ is a revolutionary hearing screening device, combining the two-in-one technology of otoacoustic emissions (OAE) and auditory brainstem response (ABR) in a hand-held, PC-free, simple-to-operate device. Its unique versatility allows it to be used both in hospital and physician office settings.



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Grason-Stadler Corti OAE

GSI - CortiThe NEW GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery operated diagnostic and screening instrument that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) for the assessment of cochlear function in infants, children and adults. Offering the ability to rapidly screen newborns, the Corti meets world-wide recommended screening protocols and provides diagnostic OAE testing.

Powerful Features

• 3 screening configurations, 3 diagnostic configurations
• Intuitive color screen display
• 15 hour battery life
• 12 frequency DPOAE test and results display
• 2 report options: Thermal printout or full color reports
• 2 display options: Bar graph or value graph
• Powerful Corti Data Manager software
• Ear tip tube eliminates probe cleaning • Optional cradle keeps Corti charged and ready
• Test patients with PE tubes
• 250 test storage in the hand-held unit
• No data loss with fully discharged battery
• Low cost disposable eartips

• Data compatibility with OZ eSP and HiTrack
• Meets U.S. CPT code requirements
• Ten languages
• On-screen calibration reminder

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Maico Ero-Scan Plus

Ero•Scan Benefits

Results are displayed as Pass or Refer
No need for interpretation. The equipment is automated and will provide easy to read and easy to interpret results.

Training is quick and extremely intuitive!
Test is completely objective
No response from the patient is necessary.
Easily test uncooperative or non-English speaking patients.

Accurate results
The patented ERO•SCAN noise algorithm allows for reliable testing in up to 70 dB of background noise, which means fewer false refer results.
Test both ears in less than a minute Testing takes less than 30 seconds per ear.

The ERO•SCAN contains memory to store 250 tests.

The ERO•SCAN hand-held unit is rechargeable with a minimum of 1000 tests between charges and allows you to move from room to room. The remote probe makes it easy to maneuver around the head of your patient to attain a tight ear seal. Managing data Printing reports and tracking data is easy with the database software.

State reporting
The database integrates data into HiTrack or OZ.



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Maico ERO-SCAN Pro

Maico EroScan ProThe EroScan Pro is a device that can fit any practice whether you perform hearing screening (protocol of 4 frequencies)or diagnostic testing (protocol up to 10 frequencies) using DPOAE, TEOAE, Tympanometry or all three. Results are displayed as PASS or REFER No need for interpretation. The equipment is automated and will provide easy-to-read and easy-to-interpret results. Trained staff can perform the test. Test is completely objective No response from the patient is necessary. Easily test uncooperative or non-English-speaking patients. Accurate results The patented EroScan Pro noise algorithm allows for reliable testing in up to 70 dB SPL of background noise – fewer false REFER results.


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Otodynamics Echoport ILO288 USB-I & II

Echoport ILO288 I

The world's most popular PC based OAE system
Satisfies all OAE CPT codes - Clinical DP+TEOAE software
Proven ILO Quickscreen TEOAE test method - Fast screening DPOAE facility
Four programmable test protocols - Powerful patient database
USB plug-n-play connection to a Windows 7, XP or Vista PC
Lightweight and battery-free


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Otodynamics Otocheck Screener

Otocheck Screener webSatisfies CPT codes 92558 and 92587
A simple to use newborn and pediatric screener with an intuitive interface
Automatic pass/refer, low cost consumables and long battery life make this the ideal OAE screener






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Otodynamics Otoport Screener

Otoport Screener webFast TE newborn and infant screener
Integrates with UNHS programs
Fully customisable protocols
Detailed waveform analysis
3000 test searchable database
Extensive PC software
Options: wireless printer, ID scanner



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Otoport OAE + ABR for infant screening

Otodynamics Otoport OAE  ABROtodynamics ABR screening technology

The Otodynamics Otocheck OAE+ABR is a new handheld screening instrument offering a combination of in-depth ABR and either DPOAE or TEOAE screening. The instrument comprises an Otocheck in an ABR sleeve. Teh ABR sleeve can be purchased separately and fitted retrospectively to upgrade existing Otoports*.
* ABR upgrade for Colour Otoport available now. Check with your dealer for availability for black & white model.




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